Basic price € 90.00 / month + € 1.30 each additional call Contract price * € 80.00 / month + € 1.15 each additional call
- 70 calls included in basic price
- E-mail notification in a selected language (a perfect solution for those who communicates with foreign partners without interpreter)
- A telephone number enclosed (this services allow the client to receive the necessary information about a company following your instructions or on behalf of the company)
- A secretary answers the phone even after the normal working hours (when the line is busy all message are sent to your e-mail address)
- A fax number for an additional payment of € 20.00 to the annual fee (all faxes are to your e-mail address)

How to activate:

Minimal agreed fee for two months period is paid with a credit card or via bank transfer . To activate additional calls, a client has to make a minimum payment of € 10.00 and refill the account during the duration of the contract. When the credit decreases, you receive an e-mail with a notification that a payment should be made, or, in case you have a personal number, a robot will be activated until the end of the current month or until you refill your account and the messages from Online Assistance will be sent to your e-mail address within 24 hours.


1- With specialists in economics, law and other, after the registration on our website is complete and you start using our services. If you client provides another three clients, he gets a special rate.
2- With clients that activated two tariffs under two different names.
3- With clients that bring another client, their name should be mentioned when a new user is activated in order to receive a discount next month.
4- Hospitals, doctors (we recommend Professional tariff).
5- With clients that sign contracts for 6 month with full prepayment .

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